Moved into Pharma-Biotech ?                                        
provides you with the ideal
                               'Introduction to Drug Discovery' Course.

                                   Novobio has presented this award-winning drug discovery course  in the UK and Europe for fourteen years.

                                   Ideal for those transitioning into drug discovery roles from academia or other backgrounds. 
                                   Focuses on the science, process and know-how needed for success.
                                   Takes you step-by-step from a  blank sheet of paper to a drug entering the clinic.

                             For single company groups the course runs throughout the year at your location/off-site at a time of your 
                             choice.   Contact: for more information.
                             For individuals the course is presented  three times per year by Onenucleus, Cambridge, UK. (next running is
                             Wednesday, November 13th, 2019).  See